Big Tech companies say they support small businesses. But who’s buying that?

Even a tiny amount of research shows that they give the appearance that they care about small businesses, but the truth is that they are bleeding them dry. Big Tech has a long history of taking small businesses’ data, creating similar products, competing head-to-head with small businesses on the platform they control, and then taking their customers.

Republicans, Democrats, and everything in between should be concerned about how Big Tech collects, stores, and mines your behavior. Not only do your likes, dislikes, comments, and clicks create a profile for Big Tech, but it enables them the power to control your decision-making.

Never in history has there been a more intrusive presence in your kitchens, family rooms, and even bedrooms. Big Tech is so good that they know your interests and behaviors thoroughly enough for their frictionless shopping to entrap you without real thought into the cost or consequences.

I am a capitalist, and I believe in a free market. Anyone willing to give power to an artificial intelligence programmed to control their behavior is their decision.

If the world’s governments want to break up Big Tech, so be it. However, I intend on appealing to the reasonable citizen willing to spend just fractions more now by supporting a little guy to ensure Big Tech is not the only choice we have.

The addiction to cheap goods landing on your doorstep in two days is appealing in our fast-food world. It’s easy, and it’s getting easier. HOWEVER, we will all be the losers if there are no real choices outside of Big Tech soon.

With innovation getting squashed and future price gouging from the dominant monopoly that killed off all competitors becoming a real possibility, maybe spending 3% more and waiting an extra day for your products isn’t such a bad option.