How many people do you know that purchase system after system hoping to change their life quickly? Most people try the system for a short time and then become discouraged because they are not seeing instant results. Most people fail because they refuse to take positive action on a regular basis, not because of a faulty product or system.

For Sanki we created an action engine called Its main purpose is to get people to take action. One of the steps on today’s video was to decide what you are prepared to give in return for thing you are working for.

To achieve your dream weight are you willing to give up junk food and get your body moving each day?

To make more money are you willing to watch less television?

To date the person of your dreams are you willing to give up some comfort and make that phone call?

It does not matter what you are working for, you must be willing to give up something to get it. Decision is key, but action is where the magic is. Decide what you want, go after it with passion and leave behind the anchors preventing you from positive action.