You don’t need an excuse to feel good.  What a rare concept for many people.  Many people think that feeling lousy is natural and feeling good is rare.  As Anthony Robbins said this weekend at a Zrii convention, “Problems and happiness have no relationship.”

I have purchased and listened to many of Tony Robbins’ books and tapes.  I remember when I was first building my Amway distributorship, I listened to “Awaken the Giant Within” over 100 times.  Tony has an energy about him that was addicting and after seeing him in person for the first time this weekend, his energy in person is even more impressive.  I thoroughly enjoyed the three hours he was on stage.

Since I am no longer a part of Jus International, I have been very fortunate to have been contacted by many wonderful people in network marketing.  It has been fun to meet with many successful company executives and distributors from other companies.  It has also been interesting to evaluate companies from an unbiased point of view.  This weekend I was able to meet with Bill Farley and see his team in action at their Zrii convention in Salt Lake City.

In February, Zrii went through a major shake up with their corporate team.  Their entire executive team was fired and most of its largest leaders were terminated when they tried to force owner Bill Farley to sell them their company under duress.  Although I do not have all the relevant facts about the February events, I do know that most new companies would have collapsed under similar public events.  I fully expected to see a dead function and a group of distributors trying to pretend they were still excited about Zrii.  I was completely wrong.  The Zrii corporate team is almost completely rebuilt and Bill Farley has taken over day to day operations of the company.  I felt that the distributors had a legitimate excitement about the rebirth of their company.  I was impressed how fast Bill Farley and his new team have regrouped.  Zrii is not going away and it seems to have passed the initial major test of adversity it was faced with that would have killed most network marketing companies.

Since I was at the meeting as an outsider looking in, I wanted to get a feel for where Zrii really was in an unbiased manner.  On Thursday Zrii had a mixer where the corporate team made brief introductions but much of the time Zrii distributors just talked to each other.  I walked around and heard very positive comments about the new direction.  In about an hour of observing, I only heard one group talking about how negative the February incident was on their group.  The rest of the mixer was upbeat and lively.

Zrii’s convention had the structure of a regular MLM large meeting, but their guest speakers seemed much different than the regular network marketing event, it was very refreshing.  From Chopra to Robbins, the message was unique and frankly quite enjoyable.  Robbins was truly electric and with his ability to speak frankly, he made the meeting much more than your typical network marketing message.

Robbins is a friend of Farley and is obviously aware of February’s events.  A couple ideas from his speech:

  • People have been screwing each other in business as long as business has existed.  However, Bill would rather die than give up.
  • Positive thinking is not something I believe in.  I believe in action.  It does no good to walk into your garden and chant, “No weeds, no weeds.  This is BS and it does not work.”
  • You are not a leader if you ignore the facts.
  • See the facts as they are, and make the situation better.
  • When you love what you do, time disappears.
  • There are patterns that make you succeed, fail, and create despair.  Just recognize the patterns and change your life.

Zrii pulled out their wallet to make this function a success for their company and distributors.  I spoke with Bill Farley for over two hours and I am impressed with his vision for the Zrii brand and company.  Having been to many meetings in my 10 years of network marketing, this function was a great investment for Bill Farley and his team.  If the Zrii nay sayers (and yes I was one of them before this weekend) take a non biased look at was is going on in Zrii, they will likely be impressed with how they have recovered so quickly.