I love to people watch, it is educational and entertaining. One of the most fun dates I have ever had was with my wife when we sat in a downtown bench and simply watched the people coming and going. My wife would try guessing what their names would be and I would tell her what they did for a living. After about an hour of this nonsense with my wife, we had to quit because we had laughed so much we cried.

What you will notice if you observe people is that most are enslaved and held back by something – fear, self-doubt, past failures, betrayal, anxiety, stress, disease or any number of other perceived obstacles. Many times when I speak in public I ask the rhetorical question: “Are you today where you thought you would be when you were a teenager?” Most people automatically shake their head negatively.

As you watch people come and go you will notice very few people with a truly happy countenance or a spring in their step. However, if you go to a school playground you will notice happiness, laughter and excitement for life. The world is still a playground, but many people have forgotten how to live and enjoy life.

Our past failures can and must be for gathering wisdom and experience, not the continuation of a perpetual downward spiral. Every circumstance and experience can be for our good and help propel growth.

The whole idea of a complete life is centered around improvement – mental, physical, financial and spiritual. No halfway dedication is sufficient if you truly want success, happiness and progress.

When you become dedicated to living a complete life, there is something grand and glorious you will experience each day. You will see that life is not about perfection, but the pursuit of small perfect moments throughout the day. Life is about giving the perfect complement, making the impossible sale, loosing 5 “impossible” pounds and ending the day with a feeling of satisfaction.

Each day we are surrounded by golden nuggets of opportunity that will suddenly manifest into success when we are in the right state of mind, which only comes while actively seeking happiness and perpetual improvement. Most people simply miss these opportunities because they do not have the knowledge to seize them or even recognize them. The person seeking a complete life will never lack for opportunity because they come frequently and with abundance when the mental state is right.

To be happy and on the path to a complete life is the definition of success. To achieve this you have to be willing to learn and constantly improve your God-given talents. You must seek guidance from mentors and from powers that surround us each day. You must be prepared to accept the success that will come in abundance, but simply hoping and wishing will not be enough.

Remaining idle and just dreaming without putting ourselves into action is of no use. If we remain parked in neutral, nothing will ever be accomplished. Every principle that is given to us by a higher power is for our happiness and long-term success, but will only come when we are ready and actively doing what is necessary to receive it.

Sometimes we treat God as if he were some cosmic bellboy that comes when we ring our prayer bell. We think that simply saying a quick prayer will do the trick and then we deserve to be blessed. Real guidance comes when we search out the principles of happiness and success and then back them with trial and error. Only when we have done our part will our paths suddenly become clear which were once so obscure.

I say that life is full of wonder no matter what age we are. Seeking wealth is not unnatural or something unworthy of you. However, I look for my success through attempted improvement in all areas of mind, body, spirit and finances. I hope you are seeking abundance in your life. I hope that obstacles do not deter you. I hope you seek happiness and wealth in all areas. You deserve success and happiness, but only if you are willing to do your whole part and not give up.