Google is big, really big. However, did you know that they did not even move out of their garage and into an office until 1999? In that short amount of time they have billions of dollars in revenues. Last year alone their revenue was $ $29,321,000,000. That is impressive, really impressive. But what is Google’s biggest threat to world dominance? Yahoo? Not a chance. AOL? They’re dead. Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page recently admitted Google’s biggest threat is, well, Google.

What can we learn from Page and Google? Our biggest threat to our business and confidence is none other than the person in the mirror. I am my biggest threat, and you are your biggest threat to fail.

We are responsible for our success in our businesses, financial freedom, and ultimately our happiness. We fail when we ignore mentors, miss important growth experiences, and waist time always preparing and not doing.

If we are weak we will blame our team, our spouse, our Facebook friends, and our mother.  Don’t allow yourself to blame anyone else for your failures or lack of ambition. You will know you are strong when you accept that you control your own destiny.

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