Would you rather be right or rich? The answer seems simple, but it is not. Often people want different results but are completely unwilling to change the way they think or act in order to get different results. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

One week ago about this time I was in the trauma unit of a hospital getting sewn up. Consequently, I had time on my hands to watch some television. I watched a show called Bar Rescue. I don’t know much about alcohol, let alone bars, but the main guy on the show clearly has a science to making bars successful. He knows everything from how to lead customers’ eyes to the right places for purchasing decisions to how a bar tender pours the drinks to charge more money. He understands what colors make customers thirsty and what colors make them hungry. Unlike some business makeover shows, this guy doesn’t just have a creative mind, he knows the numbers and how to apply them. He offers his advice and if it is not followed, the bar will likely continue to have troubles. It is pretty black and white about how right he is.

However, people who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on their businesses will still not listen to him. They want him to come in, bring more customers, and tell them they will get different results with their silly practices. It just doesn’t happen that way. I am amazed at how difficult it is for so many of us to take responsibility for our failures. We don’t really learn much from our successes. It is our challenges and failures that teach us real life lessons. Inability to learn from the failures and really listen to those who know more about our challenges will kill success.

If you want a change, you better change. Pretty simple.


As an update on my leg. I am trying my best to walk on it. I am amazed that there is no bone or ligament damage, so I just have to work through the pain. I have four different cuts, this picture is of the biggest one, about 14 inches.¬† The others are small, 2-4 inches. After feeling a pain that can only be described as Hell’s pitch fork digging into my leg to the rhythm of my heart, I am not sure how to describe my current pain any more. Nothing hurts like that did.

I am determined to get back to healthy as fast as I can. It is pretty crazy going from constant exercise 5-6 days a week to figuring out walking again. Life is full of challenges, I guess this is just a new one to over come. I will listen to the doctor and hopefully regain my full-leg health again.