I just returned from a remarkable trip to Cancun, Mexico. While there, I found myself sitting in a beautiful cabana overlooking a sparkling pool and the ocean with the most remarkable light blue water imaginable. Because we arrived on a red-eye, my wife quickly fell asleep to the sound of waves while I pulled out some classic books on my phone to pass the time and just relax. As I sat there reading excerpts from The Magic of Thinking Big and Working With the Law, I couldn’t forget how much these books taught me before and how big of an impact they have made on my success now. Today, I just want to share a few impactful lines from each of these books. I hope they can be as meaningful to you as they were to me.

Working with the Law – Raymond Holliwell

“There must be a constant stream of new thought better though and truer thought to insure progression in life. As soon as you receive the better, let go of the old, grasp the new. To continue to hold on to the old and inferior when the new and superior is at hand is to retard growth, and to this one cause may be traced many of the ills of man.”

“Clear and exact thinking is a very great necessity. It is, in fact, a sure means to advancement on the material as well as on the spiritual planes.”

“Always make it a point of moving forward in your mind, ever seeking to unfold your power of thought to develop hidden possibilities.”

“We attract only what we think or create; this is the Law of Thinking. To achieve success we must think it, we must work it, we must become it.”

“The mind is a magnet and attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state. Whatever we image in mind, whatever we expect and think about, will tend to bring into our lives the things and conditions that are in harmony therewith.”

“We must seek to become imbued with the desire to advance, and give the Law a chance to help us. Everything will then work toward our aid. Obstacles will strengthen our resolve to win. Discouragement from others will only serve to strengthen and arouse us to a stronger activity. We will see more clearly and understand more fully that every difficulty is an opportunity to advance, every stumbling block is a stepping stone to success.”

The Magic of Thinking Big – David J Swartz

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.”

“The mind is what the mind is fed.”

“Hope is a start. But hope needs action to win victories”

“Belief triggers the power to do.”

“The point is this: Big thinkers are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the minds of others. To think big, we must use words and phrases that produce big, positive mental images.”

“This is a fact of paramount significance: Each human being, whether he lives in India or Indianapolis, whether he’s ignorant or brilliant, civilized or uncivilized, young or old, has this desire: He wants to feel important.”