I am happy, very happy.  However, 2009 was a rough year and I was ready to give up on network marketing.  The venture capital firm that funded our company decided to fire my brothers and me from the company we founded.  They fired most of our employees and moved the company to another state.  Many of us were left without a job or source of income because we gave them up to build our company.  It was pretty rough.  We were really surprised and hurt by the whole deal considering we were actually growing nicely and we worked it with passion for two years to get it up and going before they decided to take it over. Disappointed or not, we had to start over.  Let me tell you why I am so happy now and give you some ideas on how to start over or reenergize after a dramatic emotional or financial setback.

To add to Churchill’s famous quote, when you are going through hell, just walk faster, you’ll come out.  Understand though that while you are going through your difficulties, you will find out who your real friends are and who your facebook friends are.  While we felt abandoned by many of the people we thought we had helped, we also realized how much our family loved and supported us.  In times of difficulty, you can worry about those who left you, or embrace those who stick with you.  We were lucky to have a great family.

Right around the time we lost our jobs, my plane ticket was cancelled for our distributor promotion trip to Hawaii.  With no job or prospects of money, I sat at home feeling hurt and betrayed while many of the distributors and employees we brought into the company were on a fancy company trip.  I had a decision to make.  Was I going to start studying for the bar to be an attorney or was I going to figure out a way to stay in network marketing? Either way, bankruptcy was staring me in the face.  To stay in network marketing was to stay in an industry that had embarrassed me and had brought a ton of negative emotions.  It also meant staying within an industry that is full of some of the most incredible people on the planet.

I decided to stay involved in network marketing in a way that would not distract from our company. My future aside, I wanted our distributors to remain unaffected.  I stayed in networking because I believe you must have the GUTS to be in an environment that makes you feel alive.  When you feel alive you don’t have to fill your life with food, alcohol or sports hero worship to make you happy.  Network marketing, with all its bugs and greed-based decisions, is also full of integrity, stories of greatness and most importantly it makes me feel alive.  Where else can I work with so many people and help them achieve something more than they thought possible financially, emotionally and spiritually?  There are not many ways outside of network marketing.

As the dust has settled, I have been honored by many of my friends and distributors that have come looking for my help again.  I really love being involved in their lives.  My new mentor business is booming and it feels great to be helping people.

To be happy we must develop our psychological muscles that determine good or bad patterns. We determine our happiness and we can change our mood and demeanor.  We get into patterns in our life. These patterns can make you succeed, fail or even create despair. To regain my confidence I had to recognize some patterns and change them in my life quickly to those that would enable me to help people again.

I have known how to build downlines for a long time, however, my experience has helped me understand how to overcome adversity even better. I am not the only one who had their heart broken by network marketing.  It didn’t do me a bit of good to feel beaten.  I determine what I want and I determine my happiness.  I strongly believe that when you know what people need and show them how to get it, you will make a difference in your own life and the lives of many others.

So, when do you give up…never. If you are going through hell, duck your head and run.  You’ll come out a bit toasty, but you’ll be better for it.

Join me on my next post as I explain how to improve your psychological muscles to get yourself to take action.