This morning I awoke to a chunky two year old staring me in the eyes and gently rubbing my cheek.  For a Saturday morning it was a little earlier than I wanted to wake up, but you can never beat that kind of unadulterated love.  With his round head next to me softly breathing, I began to realize how much my family inspires me.  However, we often work so hard that we don’t get to spend sufficient time with the ones we love.  Balance in life is key, and I believe that money is a tool that can help us achieve balance.  The question is, how do you make enough money to afford the time away from a traditional career so that you can be with who you want to be or do the things that you really want to do? I believe it can come from network marketing as a successful IBO/distributor.

I believe that we are sent to this earth to develop ourselves and others.  I also believe that the world is so organized now that to rise to our greatest possible height in talent or soul development we must have plenty of money.  Nature is always expanding and our souls are destined for constant growth and improvement.  However, to have the time and resources needed for recreation, eating properly and spending time with inspirational people, we must have plenty of money to buy these things and get our time back before we are too old to unfold the greatest capabilities of our mind, body and soul.

Let me tell you some of the things that inspire me:

  1. I will be taking my wife and kids to Disneyland next month with my parents.
  2. I will be taking my wife and kids to the Smithsonian in Washington DC this summer.  We can’t wait to see the Spirit of St Louis, mummies, dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond.
  3. I have my eye on a cabin in the mountains near a lake.
  4. I have been researching 10 acres with fruit trees for our future home.  I want a tractor too and have plenty of chores for my kids to do.  I love gardens and flowers.  (Don’t make fun of it until you try it by the way.  It is a great way to get dirty and forget any stresses.)
  5. My wife wants to go to Paris.  Don’t tell her I am planning a way to get her there with me.

I have more, but I want to hear from you.  Want are your wants, not needs?  Share them with me below or go to the forum and add them there.