I have plaque in my arteries. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. High cholesterol runs in my family and eight years ago I took a blood test where they told me I was bordering on high cholesterol. Since that time I have made big changes in the way I eat and exercise. Even with those changes genetics are a powerful reminder of what can happen to me. Let me tell you what I am doing about it.

The body is an amazing machine that is powerful beyond our comprehension, but as Sanki Global’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Scott Jewkes, reminded me recently, it is also very fragile. In my office in Las Vegas, Dr. Jewkes used our Sanki micro scanners to look at the blood flow in my capillaries. Though my capillaries had good blood flow, Dr. Jewkes also told me that there was evidence of some plaque build up.

My grandmother Nona died of heart failure. She had a massive heart attack at age 60 and then lived with a very weakened heart and restricted lifestyle until her death. My grandmother Lola died of cancer. I have DNA from both of them.

Disease can be more predictable when you know what causes it. Poor blood circulation and excess body inflammation are the cause of almost every disease known to mankind. When the blood does not circulate well, our bodies do not get the oxygen we need. Skin ages faster, we loose energy at the cellular level, the heart works it self to death and low blood flow to the brain can cause serious problems. When we have excess inflammation the body cannot heal itself properly, the metabolism slows and life quality is seriously impaired.

So what am I doing? For the past three years I have made big changes in the way I eat and how I exercise. Here are some facts about me 3 years ago versus today:

Jeffery Boyle at 38:

  • Weight – 158 pounds – 71 kg
  • Waist – 32 inches – 81.28 cm
  • Body Fat Percentage – 14%
  • Exercise – Cardio Vascular by playing indoor soccer four times a month
  • Health Problems:
    • Lower back pain
    • Very tight legs and hamstrings
    • Higher blood cholesterol
    • Higher blood pressure
  • Diet:
    • Excess sodium
    • Frequent red meat
    • 2 or 3 sodas a month
    • Never checked ingredients in my food
    • I ate lots of bread
    • Fruits and vegetables if they were available

Jeffery Boyle at 41:

  • Weight – 172 pounds – 78 kg
  • Waist 32 inches – 81.28 cm
  • Body Fat Percentage – 8%
  • Exercise –
    • Heavy Cardio Vascular 3 or 4 times a week for 20 minutes
    • Weight resistance training 4 or 5 times a week
    • Stretching 4 or 5 times a week
  • Health Problems
    • Severe left leg trauma and nerve damage from being hit by a car on my motorcycle. My pain is controlled by frequent movement and exercise.
    • No back or hamstring problems due to strengthened core.
    • Normal blood pressure
    • As of one year ago cholesterol lowered from 3 years ago. I need to get it checked again.
  • Diet –
    • Conscious effort to lower sodium intake
    • Frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables
    • Fast food very infrequently
    • Soda almost never
    • Huge reduction in bread and emphasis on whole grain organic bread
    • Always checking ingredients in food before I eat it

In three years I have changed my health direction completely. I have lost fat and gained a lot of muscle. I am eating a much cleaner diet and I have never felt better.

I am now a passionate health advocate. The evidence of plaque in my capillaries only strengthens my resolve for me and for those around me. Together with an army of others we will be launching a program called Sanki Fit with a Comprehensive Wellness Program. Sanki fit will be a program dedicated to better health in all areas of life. Stay tuned and I invite you to join us in changing your own life and those around you.