For the past 3 years I have studied and interviewed some of the most successful network marketers in the business. MLM has its good leaders and MLM has its bad leaders. Some MLM leaders are truly in it for themselves and care less about a legacy and more about the Benjamins. However, I have also met some incredible MLM leaders that truly care deeply about their people and their groups.  

I recently wrote an e-book called MLM Explosive Income System. I am giving it away free and a lot of people have already downloaded it. I would say chapter 7 is the most important part of the book because it explains a system that works. In the United States, MLM has changed tremendously in the past 10 years. Starting an MLM company has become very easy and the financial commitment to start is very low compared to years past. However, this has created a glut of poor MLM products and undercapitalized companies that go under quickly.

Few MLM companies really have a system any more to succeed. And fewer MLM companies know how to really create duplication. There is a secret to helping new people duplicate you effectively, and it is not much of a secret. You must actually do what you want your team to duplicate. In Explosive Income System I said you must have Massive Marketing, Persistence and Duplication.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for MLM companies and individuals is they fail to take appropriate action. Duplication happens when you are doing the right things in the right system. Massive marketing takes investment. Massive persistence happens when you make an effort to do it. Most people fail because they don’t have a system that will help them follow up persistently.

This post is adapted from a newsletter I sent out today. With it, I was applying what I preach. I know that you must follow up at least 7 times with most people before they make a decision. An effective way to do this is through the creation of names lists and providing real education to the people on that list. Many of the people on my lists do not make a decision until I have put my message in front of them at least 7 times. I better be giving you something of worth during that time or I loose your attention. I want people to call me about my duplicatable MLM system. I am contacting them with education frequently until they do.

Make a decision to implement the right system within your MLM business. If you have the right system, with the message, you can create Explosive Income.

If you are struggling to create proper action and duplication in your MLM business, you must have the right systems that duplicate. Remember the 3 keys below to succeed:

  1. Massive Marketing
  2. Massive Persistence
  3. Massive Duplication

If you need help implementing a MLM system, let me know. I have had an incredible time the past 2 weeks with all the calls helping guide people down the right path.

Jeffery Boyle