Distributors can register their very own domain name for their replicated website or personal blog.  The instructions below relate to Empowerz.com and other Godaddy.com sites.

Steps to register your own domain name and forward that to your Jús replicated website follow:

  1. Go to www.empowerz.com
  2. In the middle of your screen it should say “start your domain name search here.” Enter your desired domain name (e.g. first & last name (John Smith)). Click “search.”
  3. Select how you wish to have your domain name end (e.g., .com, .tv, .org)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.”
  5. Now, enter your information, register and pay for your desired domain name. Dot com (.com) domains names are about $11.00 per year.
  6. After your domain name is registered, visit www.empowerz.com again to login to your account with your username and password. Click “My Account” at top of page to login.
  7. After successful login, click “Domains” on left side of screen.
  8. Select the domain name you wish to have forwarded to your replicated website by clicking the box to the left of that name—a check mark should appear when you click box.
  9. Different options will become illuminated above your domain name(s). Click “Forward”.
  10. A box will appear with your forwarding options. Select “Enable Forwarding.” Then,  purchase 1 credit for $0.00. Then, select “302 Moved Temporarily.” Now, type in the full address to your replicated website (e.g. http://www.mysite.com/webalias)
  11. Click “OK” button. Now, your personal domain name will automatically redirect to your replicated website.

For those who wish to create their own websites and not use the services provided them by your company, certain criteria must usually be met. Following is the criteria for Jus International when I was CEO/President. Check with your company for an updated policy so that you understand how to best stay within company regulations:

  1. Any use of the Jus International logo and/or name on any material, including websites, is strictly PROHIBITED except by those who meet criteria and receive approval. To receive approval, contact Jus International via email at compliance@jus.net or call customer service at 208.846.7880 to explain and show explicitly how and where the Jús logo and/or name will be used.
  2. Personal Jus websites, and any other IBO created material, must clearly state the words “Authorized Jus Independent Business Owner” in a conspicuous location. All material must be approved BEFORE it is used and distributed to prospects.
  3. Personal Jus websites must display, in a conspicuous location, the Independent Business Owner medallion found on Jus replicated websites. The medallion can be found in the IBO’s back office. An explanation must be found close to said medallion which states, “If you wish to visit the official corporate website for Jus International, click here.” A link must be provided in this area to direct visitors to official corporate website of Jus International www.jus.net.
  4. BEFORE personal Jus websites go active, the entirety of the site must be approved by Jus International. To receive approval, contact Jus International via email at compliance@jus.net or call for help with compliance at 208.846.7880.
  5. If personal Jús websites, or any other material, are found to have not been approved beforehand by Jús International, the IBO who created such material will be asked to remove and discontinue use until Jus International can approve said material.