As a boy from Idaho, I remember watching fellow Idaho boy Troy McClain on the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. Troy was brash and confident, but also very likeable. I have enjoyed working with Troy on various projects and he has always impressed with his ability to energize a room. 

In this Networking Star blogcast, I interview Troy McClain, now the CEO of AXS Consulting and President of Global Information Network (GIN).

Global Information Network is an online educational study system that teaches people HOW TO HAVE, BE AND DO ANYTHING THEY WANT.

Troy’s advice for success includes: You have to be yourself. You got to know enough to know that you don’t know enough. And you have to learn how to make the uncomfortable become comfortable. The best way to get ahead is to give back. Money has to be the by-product of your success, not your end goal.

Troy explained that there is greatness within all of us, but most of us have things that block that greatness. GIN helps teach others how to remove the things that block them from shining and being great.

Two of the main key principles taught by GIN are 1) You need to know who you want to listen to – people who have been where you are and are currently where you want to go, and 2) Be prepared to work hard! It’s simple, but not easy.

Check out the blogcast to learn addition keys for success.