Failure to train your team can kill your business. Make no mistake about it, we are in a confidence business, and proper training brings confidence.

In this week’s episode of Networking Star, we featured Tim Sales, a MLM training and marketing professional. We spent three days with Tim going to his house, watching him speak to his groups, and spending time with his family. Tim has built huge groups in his lifetime, coached hundreds of thousands of distributors from many different companies, and now Tim is the master distributor for Ariix. One message became very clear when we were with Tim, “Train your team thoroughly if you want them to succeed.”

Tim used to be on the Navy bomb squad. There he was trained every day to learn the importance of getting things right. In that job, if you were not properly trained, you died. Network marketing is not so drastic, but the life and death of our businesses is on the line and we have to take training far more seriously.

Companies that make large investments in people will have lower turnover, which will create higher company satisfaction, and will create significantly higher profits. Good leaders know through training who will be the next super star in their group and who needs more nurturing to make it in MLM. Author, Laurie Bassi, said that education and training are the most significant predictor of an organization’s success as compared to price-to-earning ratios, price-to-book statistics, and measures of risk and volatility. In other words, train your people.

Many network marketing leaders fail to see the importance of training because it is time consuming and mentoring people can be draining. This is lazy and short sighted. New team members devour training and are hungry for more. If we want our groups to grow, we cannot look past our people hunting for better numbers. If we truly want better numbers, great results, team synergy, and confidence from our teams; Tim Sales is right, training is the answer.