Do you work in your business so much that you never work on your business?  Are you in business or are you taking care of business?  Are you determined to have level 43 teaching the same thing as level 2?  If you want more time in the future, you need to invest in mentoring systems that will create leaders within your organization.

Most people say they are dedicated to real training, but they are not willing to put in the time to do it right up front.  Consequently, they never have enough time to do what they want to do.  Their business owns them, they do not own a business.  If you don’t put the time in now, you will have even less time as your business begins to consume you.

A real training system must involve more live and automated weekly training followed up by mentors holding new marketers accountable to what they are learning.  If you want your people to grow in skills and confidence, they must have interaction with mentors or upline on a regular basis, preferably 5-6 times a week.  Without the interaction, your people will find other things to take up their time and energy.  To turn an employee into an entrepreneur does not happen overnight, but it does and can happen.

Training without accountability will fail most of the time.  To ignore that most marketers are not making a profit is just sticking your head in the sand.  We need each other to succeed in almost everything.  When we teach a new marketer a skill, we must reteach that concept again and again until it sticks.  In addition to repetition, the new marketer must also have contact from somebody in the upline 5-6 times a week to ensure that the new concepts are being implemented.

As soon as a new marketer leaves a training, there is immediate falloff of skills or ideas taught.  Skills improve in the short term, but will drop shortly thereafter. By teaching core principles on a consistent basis and repeated, skills improve now and become habits through repetition and accountability.  When your marketers are saying the same thing on level 35 as they are on level 4, your message to future prospects is the same no matter where you go on the globe. You become less burdened because you were disciplined to insist on proper training through all levels of your organization.

Vital network marketing training concepts:

  • Teach new marketers in small chunks each day through:
    • A curriculum based Written Guide
    • Course of 500 word short emails sent 5 days a week to new marketers with a daily action to assigned.
    • Upline and Mentor accountability 5-6 days a week
  • Video Curriculum – 3 minute teaching videos sent according to a curriculum once a week.
  • Conference Call Curriculum – based upon the written guide.
  • Accountability
    • Automated tools for top mentors/leader distributors.
    • 60-90 second calls 5 days a week to a building upline
  • Mentor RSS feeds to show proper actions and “living the life” examples.

New marketers can succeed.  We just need to understand marketers better to really help them.  When your people have sharpened their skills, your downline and company will build better, faster and will be surprised you how much extra time you have.  Chet Holmes says, “Train or feel the pain.”  I agree, whether you are new or already have a big group, you better start real training now before your people leave you for someone who does.