Everybody wants to change for the better. The problem, few people are willing to do the small and simple things each day that compound into major changes over time.

My company does a lot of business in Japan. I love going there and experiencing their culture, feeling safe walking the streets late at night, and eating their amazing food.

The best thing I have learned from the Japanese is a concept called Kaizen.  Kaizen teaches us that making small, tiny changes to our routine and lifestyle can compound and add up to giant differences in our overall productivity, happiness, and performance.

Take for instance the yearly dieters you see on Facebook. The people that stop eating for 30 days to transform their bodies. During those 30 days, they lose muscle, damage their metabolism, and get to post a smaller version of themselves only to blow back up the next 60 days when they return to their previous bad habits.

Kaizen teaches that you are better to take a year to transform your body by making small incremental changes to how you eat and exercise for the next twelve months. The results are lasting, your body is healthy, your metabolism is strong, and you have created habits that will allow you to keep those new skinny jeans.

I will give you an example of how pennies a day have added up to $1000 of investments for me in the last 3 months. I use an app called Acorn that takes all of my purchases and rounds them up to the next dollar. It then uses those pennies to invest in different portfolios for me. I completely forgot about the investment because it was such a small amount coming from my account. I looked the other day and I had over $1000 in my account. That was even better than finding a $5 bill in an old pair of jeans.

Look, big changes are hard. They stress the mind and body. Getting 1% better every day is not difficult. Tomorrow, I will write some simple ideas on how to get 1% better each day. Try a few of them. Getting better is easy if you are willing to do it one step at a time.

If you’re interested in learning the art of Kaizen, schedule a call with me to discuss improving your life 1% at a time https://calendly.com/jefferyboyle/strategy-call