pie-graphIn a down economy network marketing is thriving.  There are many reasons for that, but we must be careful or we too can be affected. The networking pie continues to get bigger and there is plenty of it to share, please remember that.  So, what can network marketing learn from corporate America and how has corporate greed affected our economy today?  The truth is, it is killing it.

Network marketing’s main product and service sold today is hope.  We cannot be so naive to believe that everybody is going to make a lot of money in our downline.  However, we can ensure that everyone in our group walks away with more belief in themselves and the goal to improve.  Simply stated, network marketing requires skill, diligence and long-term thinking.  These traits are not embodied in every network marketer.  However, hope must abound in our groups.  The psychological income that we can give our groups of goal setting, life skills, and yes, hope for the future can truly change our downline’s lives.  Frankly speaking, network marketing may not make everbody a millionaire, but it should be a self-improvement factory.  If we become small minded and forget the importance of delivering hope to our groups by dishonoring the trust they have given us, we are no better than corporate America.

Network marketing and multi-level marketing are both used to describe our industry, but relationship marketing should be used more frequently.  I am sure you have heard many business people say, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”  If network marketing begins to take this approach like corporate America, our industry is doomed.  It is not just business, we are dealing with people’s lives.  When we forget that, we too will see our industry focus turn from people to “just business.”  This would be a shame.

Below I have attached a famous short story by Geoffrey Chaucer.  Do not let greed ruin you or your business.  Develop your people and you stand a chance at having true wealth in network marketing.

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