Joining a network marketing opportunity and starting your business can be like drinking from a fire hose. What can you tell someone that is joining your opportunity that won’t overwhelm them? What can they do in the first 72 hours to build their belief in themselves that they can be successful in this business? In this blogcast, Lisa Grossmann, co-founder of Your Vision Partners, joins Jeff Boyle as a guest and answers these tough questions.

Lisa’s pragmatic approach stems from years of proven experience. It includes contacting your friends and family in a different way than most would expect. They are not supposed to go in business with you, but they are your support system. They are there to love you and make fun of you, (after all, they still probably see you as that awkward teenager). But they can also be your first set of product purchasers if you do it right.

How do you do it? Call up your friends and family and say something like this: “Hi Uncle John (or whoever it is). I just started a new business. I’m not asking you to join it or even be a customer. But, I do need your help. I want you to buy a one-month supply and I want you to use it. If you like it, I can tell you how to get great discounts for life and perhaps show you what the business is all about – if you want to know. If you don’t like it, though, I’ll never ask you to buy it again. But right now, I just need your help. I need your feedback. Can I count on you?”

Lisa tells us that about 60-70 percent of your hot market (friends and family) will buy and try the product for you and a good percent will become an ongoing customer, simply because they love you.

Now, after this initial 72 hours, the brand new person has the product out in the market place, has their money back and has a story himself or herself.

Now, when others ask them about their business they can say, “I have been in this business for only 72 hours. I don’t know much, but here’s what I do know. I like the product, and I bought $XXX worth of product and I was out of stock before it even showed up at my door and I had all my money back. And guess what, I can get you on the line with this expert and you can watch this video, …”

Lisa shared other pragmatic steps for getting started. You have got to watch this blogcast and so you don’t miss out on her valuable tips. With her approach, you can dramatically improve how you support the new people you bring into your business.

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