Below is part of an article that has been written about Jus. It will appear in the Network Marketing Business Journal, but I thought it captured our philosophy effectively. ******************************************************************

This thinking explains why Jús International devised a compensation system second to none. Dubbed the “Quadro Super Hybrid,” the system was created after an exhaustive study of other companies’ compensation programs. It incorporates the best characteristics of other plans into a new system based on four principles known as the “Four Ss”: speed, stability, sureness, and scalability. To generate quick income, the Jús system offers lucrative “fast-start” bonuses. For long-term financial stability, residuals are generous. And for those who aspire to complete financial freedom, the bonuses can be huge.

“The compensation system is complex and highly detailed,” management says, “because we’re aiming for fair compensation of everyone, from the smallest distributor to the biggest, and everybody in between.”

The system offers compensation of up to 56 percent of commissionable revenues. For network marketing professionals, some of the system’s major features include: compression; generation bonuses; enroller relationship bonuses; matching check bonuses; a national leadership bonus pool; and a manager business builder bonus pool.

Many compensation plans concentrate on their few high-earners, at the risk of under-serving the majority of distributors, which leads to costly attrition. The Jús approach is more practical. It aims not only to provide its superstars with unequaled rewards and encourage those who aspire to such heights, but also to concentrate on the majority of distributors, the relatively low-earners. It recognizes that about 80 percent of people who enter network marketing are novices. Statistics show that most distributors with a consistent residual income of $300 per month will not quit the job. That’s why Jús has set a goal to help IBOs achieve $300 to $500 per month in true, consistent residual income. One way it will achieve this goal is with fast-start bonuses for the $499.95 Executive Kit that pay out up to $250 on the product.

“If we provide a healthy product and decrease financial stress for all our distributors, attrition will decline,” the managers point out, “and everyone will benefit.”

The company’s long-range compensation goal is to create a worldwide network of IBO “virtual millionaires.” This is defined as people with a million dollars in the bank earning, say, five percent interest, which would amount to about $50,000 in annual income.

“But we’re not interested only in generating better health and more money,” management says. “We’re interested in people learning about health, and in educating them about how to use money effectively. We don’t want them making $40,000 one month and be bankrupt the next.”

The Jús system teaches and encourages IBOs to invest in real estate, stocks, and other income-producing investments, to create long-term financial independence. At Jús, people celebrate together with when cars, credit cards and mortgages are paid in full and true financial freedom is gained.

“People can rise from nowhere in this business and suddenly find themselves in command of large sums,” say the managers. “We don’t want to encourage the boom-and-bust mentality that can accompany a newfound, exotic lifestyle. Our company is not mainly about Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it’s about balance: doing meaningful things and having the financial freedom to spend time with loved ones.

“Distributors come to us as a volunteer army,” management explains. “We know that the greater the success they have, the better it will be for us, too. It’s a partnership mentality.”