Food is fuel for our bodies. And just like automobiles, our bodies don’t perform well with
bad fuel. There’s a reason doctors tell us to avoid junk food, and it’s not just because it can
pack on the pounds. It’s because food also contributes to our stress levels.

Everything that we consume has some effect on our overall emotional health.

When we eat junk food, we often feel sluggish immediately afterward. We don’t have a lot of
energy and we often want to just lay down. I always joke with my kids about how they are eating poison, but in reality, junk food essentially is poisoning your body

But when we eat healthy food, we feel energized and clear-minded.

To get the most out of your diet, focus on eating plenty of plant foods. Many vegetables
are high in both protein and anti-inflammatory fats, both of which our bodies need.

When we feel full from protein, it’s a different type of full than when we eat too many carbohydrates or junk food.

And anti-inflammatory helps keep our joints working nice and smoothly.

Our brains also need a good amount of omega-3 fats. Salmon is an excellent source for this,
but don’t worry if you don’t care for fish or are vegetarian or vegan.

There are other plant-based foods that can still provide you with this necessary fat. You can reap the same benefits of omega-3 fats with either flaxseed or oral supplements. Flaxseed offers a great crunch to your cereal or salad, and oral supplements are easily
swallowed with some water.

Vitamin C is imperative for our immune systems, but it does more than just fight colds and
viruses. It also naturally curbs stress hormones. And the less stress hormones we have, the calmer we feel. To help keep stress at bay, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack every day.

And finally, our bodies need enough magnesium in order to fight fatigue. You can find it in
salmon, along with those omega-3 fatty acids, and also in vegetarian foods.

Look for dark green, leafy vegetables and enjoy as a salad. You can even add some flaxseed to it. Or consume some delicious soybeans for some much-needed magnesium.

By incorporating all of these nutrients into your daily diet, you’ll soon feel much calmer and better focused as you go about your day.