Why is real financial success so difficult for most new network marketers? The reason: most network marketers are just too realistic.

In a visit to Zija’s new headquarters I spoke to their CEO, Rodney Larsen. In that meeting we talked about what it takes for people to succeed in Zija. Rodney said something that I like very much, “New distributors must be willing to temporarily suspend their disbelief.”

Most people are just not capable of suspending their disbelief long enough to make money in MLM. After many years, there is no question that network marketing is legal and very profitable for some people. Everyone knows of or has heard stories of someone who has had very big success with MLM. The problem for most people is that they don’t think MLM can be a success for them.

You can call it dreaming, thinking big or even naïveté; but if you are not willing to suspend your disbelief you will never make it big business, life or network marketing.

As network marketers and business owners, we often get beat down by the realities of life, which causes us to become more “realistic”. We stop thinking about our passions and we give up on achieving anything of consequence. This doesn’t have to be the case, no matter what age you are.

I just met with one of the biggest distributors in the history of network marketing who achieved incredible success from one of the biggest MLM companies in the world. The guy just started working with a new company after some time away from building a business. He was upbeat and confident, but he was also crass, told too many dirty jokes, was past retirement age and completely ordinary in a thousand ways. Even though he hasn’t built a business in years, he is so accustomed to big thinking that there is almost no way this guy won’t make an incredible income even though today he is basically starting from scratch.

I disagreed fundamentally with his approach to building and he even turned me off completely throughout the day. However, his talent to completely see how things will be rather than what they currently are was amazing. He completely ignores the realities that he just started and has hardly anybody is in his group. He sees himself easily attracting tens of thousands of people at a high speed, and as a result, he will.

Like so many people before him, this distributor had never had big success in life before he became quite wealthy with network marketing. He was a nobody from nowhere who decided that reality was not going to hold him back from achieving something great.

Are you willing to temporarily suspend your disbelief about your current circumstances, your relationships, your bank account and your MLM business? Are you willing to imagine something greater even if you are broke, sick, fat or tired?

After spending a day with this successful network marketer, I am trying hard to shake some of his crude comments from my head, but I also left the day with a real feeling that I can do more and think bigger. The beauty of spending time with successful people is that when you look at them carefully you will see that are just normal, flawed people like the rest of us except they know how to suspend their disbelief and attack life.

If you can’t suspend your disbelief and you choose instead to be a slave to the false reality of failure you see yourself today, you may as well give up and somebody or something else will dictate your future. Or, you can choose to be naive again and expect something great. You will be surprised with the results if you are naïve long enough.