As a distributor, I was always looking for the magic bullet that would help me sponsor in record numbers.  As a network marketing CEO and president, I was constantly besieged by distributors to create the perfect tool.  No matter how many tools we released, the distributors were never satisfied with our investment and wanted something better and more effective.

A few years ago I was consulting with a company founder and told him that developing his people with true leadership concepts was the most important “tool” investment he could ever make.  He disagreed and believed that the perfect brochure and video set would sponsor the thousands he wanted in his business.  I believe that many management teams fall into the trap that tools make the group grow.  I believe tools are important, but developing leaders is the future strength of any company whether they are already at a billion dollars of sales or just starting.

The most effective distributors I have seen in any company need few if any tools.  The only tools they use are the ones that they use to appear duplicatable.  Frankly speaking, these leader distributors could sponsor with or without tools and only use the basic tools so that newbies will also.  Leaders focus on the person or group in front of them.  They watch their prospects facial expressions and they hear the doubts expressed during their conversations.  True leaders have conversations with prospects, they don’t spew out a memorized speech.

To be a leader, distributors must own the message and must improve themselves over time until they have the characteristics they need.  A leader is made over time with self-improvement, not by having the perfect tool.  A true leader studies sales techniques and finds a mentor no matter how high they are in their organization.  A true leader understands people’s fears and adapts the presentation depending on the audience in front of her.

Don’t expand your number of tools and company messages aimlessly.  Your company must focus on quality, not quantity.  Your basic prospecting tools should be viewed as a crutch for the new person but your emphasis should be first on helping develop leaders amongst your management team and distributors so that tools become secondary to the person.

Let’s cut to the chase and boldly claim that there is not such thing as the perfect tool.  The best tool however, is a leader that understands people and owns the company message psychologically, physically and emotionally.  The leader understands the company limitations and addresses them head on in the appropriate times and places.  The leader was not always a leader and can empathize with the new person that wants to improve and become somebody special.  Your company will fail without the proper field and corporate leadership.  Your goal should be to create better leaders first and good prospecting tools second.