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Horrific Brides, Fat Pawnbrokers and Network Marketing

Toothless exterminators, horrific brides, adulterers, prankster celebrities, conniving survivors and fat pawnbrokers have their own shows and millions watch them. Reality television has featured the strange, the lonely and lets be honest, people we would never invite past our front door but through the magic of reality television we allow them into our homes and lives each day.


Training is the Answer in MLM

Failure to train your team can kill your business. Make no mistake about it, we are in a confidence business, and proper training brings confidence.

In this week’s episode of Networking Star, we featured Tim Sales, a MLM training and marketing professional. We spent three days with Tim going to his house, watching him speak to his groups, and spending time with his family. Tim has built huge groups in his lifetime, coached hundreds of thousands of distributors from many different companies, and now Tim is the master distributor for Ariix. One message became very clear when we were with Tim, “Train your team thoroughly if you want them to succeed.” (more…)