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Network Marketing Success Answers – Follow a System

Question: My upline keeps telling me to make names lists and attend meetings, isn’t that the “old way” of doing business?Question: my upline keeps telling me to make names lists and attend meetings, isn’t that the old way of doing business?

Answer: Yes, but it still works

I have spent a lot of time this week calling leads I purchased. With an ibo we have taken turns calling on these premium leads. It has been fun because I have done a lot of cold calling in my life. However it is a lot of work and after many hours of calls we have some interested prospects. But make no mistake about it, we will have a lot of work still to get these prospects to become ibo’s.

The same time we are making cold calls on leads we are also making his names list amd calling his friends and family. We are having more success with the “old way” without question.

Meetings are good for belief, one on one meetings still build your base and your upline is still a powerful tool that deserves edification.

I believe in social networking. I use twitter to notify ibo’s of meetings and good thoughts. I love facebook but I don’t overdo it. I don’t invite ibo’s to know about how I brush my teeth or when I like to go to bed. The new technologies are good but the old way is still fastest.

Build your list, go to meetings for inspiration and don’t quit. You can succeed at this business. (more…)

Jeffery Boyle Tells The Jus Unstory – Historia de Jus

Jus International was founded on the idea of a great product and opportunity, not just a great marketing story.  Many companies in the network marketing industry think first about how to sell their product through some romantic series of events that led them to a magical fruit.  Consumers are too smart today to believe that one single fruit will cure all that ills them.  Jus is different.