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What Inspires You to Take Action?

steve-prefontaine-posterSports are a part of our culture.  The underdog athlete taking on the world in front of him and winning makes magic for movies, books and magazines.  I must admit that I still love watching Rudy tackle the Georgia Tech quarter back for a sack.  The climax of the “5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and [with] barely a speck of athletic ability” winning his battle and achieving his dream was truly inspirational. (more…)

You don’t need an excuse to feel good!

You don’t need an excuse to feel good.  What a rare concept for many people.  Many people think that feeling lousy is natural and feeling good is rare.  As Anthony Robbins said this weekend at a Zrii convention, “Problems and happiness have no relationship.” (more…)

Success with Jus across the Globe

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.” – David McCullough

In my tenure as CEO and President of Jus International, I was blessed to have been able to travel the globe mingling with entrepreneurs. From our build out of our Boise location to offices in other countries, we were able to fill rooms everywhere we went. It was fun documenting experiences from our first hotel meeting in Idaho to packed rooms in Japan, Taiwan and the Netherlands. It was a grand experience. I’m thankful to the entrepreneurs who shared their dreams with me across the globe.

Jus International Japan Meetings

Kunio Toma was a phenomenal leader for Jus International. He filled rooms from Tokyo to Sapporo. We started off in a building where Kunio Toma was able to rent out an entire floor, which he filled on a regular basis. It was a remarkable experience to travel Japan and see the rooms filled with eager entrepreneurs.

Jus International Taiwan –

In the shadows of the Taipai 101, we were able to secure a small office to prepare for the launch of Taiwan. Louisa and Mary Ku showed us quickly that we needed more room. They packed that small off to the bursting point every time they had a meeting.

Jus International Netherlands Prelaunch – Rotterdam, Netherlands – December 2008

The prelaunch activities in the Netherlands were incredibly successful. Over 700 people showed up from across the country to an incredible party and kick off event. John Lucardie, Layne Boyle, Kiki Kamerbeek and Ed Jansen made this a night to remember. Celebrity K1 kickboxing champion Remy Bonjasky even showed up.

Jus Night of the Stars – March 2009 –

Hundreds of people from all over the United States came to the Jus International Regional meeting.  It was a regional meeting, but we had people come from as far away as Virginia, Florida, Maryland, California, Washington, Oregon and everything in between.

It was a phenomenal experience for the hundreds of people who attended.