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The Business of Change: Seacret Direct

The Business of Change: Seacret Direct

We see a lot of products and opportunities. was established because there are so many opportunities out there and we need the public’s help to sort them all out. We also established the site because we love hearing about entrepreneurs, motivation, inspiration and the ambition it takes to get through the day-to-day difficulties confronting success. Unfortunately, we also see a legion of good products dashed against the rocks of overzealous opportunity. Once in a while, we also see a product line that gives us hope for network marketing. We saw something that gave us hope this weekend at Seacret Direct.“We are not in the business of changing people’ minds. We are in the business of finding people who want to change.

I just left a prelaunch meeting for Seacret Direct and one of the main speakers was direct sales guru Allison LaMarr. I have heard many MLM, network marketers speak and I was still iimpressed with Allison’s speech. I liked her approach of adding traditional sales principles into network marketing.

Allison was a giant in Mary Kay and now she has been made a part of Seacret’s executive team. Seacret has done very well in retail sales in malls throughout the country but is moving toward a network marketing model in a new division. Allison credits much of her record breaking success in Mary Kay to understanding that you must understand conversion ratios and basic sales principles.

I agree that we must teach teams to understand people skills and good old fashioned self improvement to get better results.

I am impressed with Seacret’s new team headed by Rex Powers as CEO and an emphasis on quality products first and opportunity based upon sound value and sales principles. (more…)