Everyone goes through life events that rock their world, whether it’s a job layoff, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, massive debt, etc. In this blogcast, I interview Susan Sly, a Balanced Living Strategist, and discusses the steps we can take to overcoming these life events.

Susan Sly is successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and personal empowerment trainer and she’s generated over $60 million in network marketing sales since 2000. But her personal journey to success included several massive challenges.

Within a short span of time, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, her marriage fell apart, she lost her business and she wound up $100,000 in debt and homeless living on her brother-in-law’s couch. But Susan was able to overcome and come out on top. She said there is a reason for everything and those experiences helped shape who she is today.

Susan said it was the network marketing profession that gave her the freedom and ability to turn her life around.

Her experience, though, inspired her to look others that prevailed against tragedy and have come back even stronger. What did they do? She realized everyone was doing the exact same things. There is a pattern to overcoming these life challenges. What is the pattern, you ask? During the blogcast, she outlined four of the several steps that are detailed in her upcoming book, “Bite the Lemon,” which will be released later this year.

The four steps she discussed were:
1) You have to have a notion that overcoming your challenge is possible.
2) Do your research of others that have overcome a similar challenge.
3) Build your plan.
4) Focus on your plan relentlessly and DO NOT get distracted.

Watch the blogcast to learn more.