There is nothing like 8 hours alone in a U-Haul to give me time to think. Carrying a load of furniture and a mind full of thoughts, the spotty cell phone coverage helped give me time to think about my goals and what drives me.

Throughout my life, just like many other entrepreneurs, I have faced disappointment, distrust, lack of confidence and even some very big physical difficulties. I have had times when I wondered why I wasn’t experiencing the success I thought I deserved. I have had times when I wondered when my time would come and what more I had to do.

To any entrepreneur who has experienced some of the same obstacles, challenges and self-doubt I simply say, “Push through it, success will come.”

When we are doing the right things we are rewarded. Whether you believe in God, a higher power or just the laws of Karma, we must understand that right behavior is rewarded. Some blessings come now, some later on, and some don’t come for many years.

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t quit before you see the fruits of your labors. Trust in yourself, trust in a higher power, keep your head up and believe that good is coming, because it will.