Question: I have been at the same level in my business and life for too long.  What can I do to get past this barrier?

Answer:  You may be holding on to things that are preventing you from the personal growth you need to get to the next level.

I recently received a tweet that said, “The universe cannot put good into your hand until you let go of what you are holding on to.”  How true this is.

I remember a book I read in the fifth grade.  Somehow a bunch of chimpanzees escaped and were evading recapture near a young boy’s home.  In order to befriend the chimps he had to get close to them.  The boy made a trap by putting food into a box that was big enough for the chimp to put his hand into the box.  However, when the chimp had the food in hand he became trapped because his closed fist would not come out of the box with the food.  To get free, all he had to do was let go of the food.

There are so many of us that have the answers to our troubles knocking us on the head each day.  However, we are too proud or lazy to let go of the unproductive past that is holding us back.  Is it TV, computer games, pride, or even fear that is holding you back?  Are you more passionate about emotional and financial freedom or holding on to the things that have made you comfortably miserable?

To gain your freedom and the prosperity you think you deserve, you may have to let go of what is keeping you captive.