boylefam-beachQuestion – We are having growth in our business, but we are having too much attrition, what can I do to help people stay in the business long enough to start making real money?

Answer – Try having some fun.

Did you know that one of your main responsibilities as a successful network marketer is to start enjoying life again?  When you start to teach people to follow their dreams and to start living them now, you will create a culture of life and actually enjoying it. If you are not having BBQs, picnics and fun activities, you should probably start now.

Before I became a “serious” business person, I sure had a lot of fun.  I worked hard so I could play hard.  Snow skiing, water skiing, body surfing, golfing, snowmobiling, softball, beach volleyball, mountain biking…you get the picture.  If you start learning to have fun again you will keep more people in your business, you will keep more people ordering the product and you will start making more money.  The great part is that this will all be more realistic when your people are actually enjoying being in your business.

People stay where they see value.  People love being around people who are enjoying themselves. Start enjoying yourself.

(By the way, my body still looks the same as I did in purple shorts above, I just have a little less hair on my head.)