If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you will keep getting what everyone else is getting. That’s what John Lucardie, a successful businessman and network marketer and founding representative of ARIIX, told Networking Star show host Jeff Boyle. You need to have a different approach if you want different results. 

John is from The Netherlands and determined when he got involved with MLM, that rather than leading with the opportunity, he would leading most frequently with the customer in mind.

The old style was to only lead with opportunity and that’s an imbalance, he said. Same with only leading with customers. You have to find the right balance. John prefers to have a ratio of something like 10 customers to every 4 representatives.

You have to have a strong customer base to have a real opportunity out there. And the strong customer base will attract the “bigger fish” or the business builders. They will naturally find you.

John also said that for those coming in from the traditional business world, there is a mindset change. In the business world you think about yourself first. In MLM, you must think first of your team. You have to make sure your team is making money quickly – getting their first sale within 48 hours – and is having fun. In MLM, success comes not from focusing on you, but focusing on the people you bring in. Then you will succeed.

Take a few minutes to watch the blogcast and learn more!

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