burgerHealthy living is not just reserved to what you put in your stomach. I frequently write about the importance of what you put in your mouth, but if your thoughts are filled with doubt and your life is overly stressful, you are trimming years off your life.

If you are constantly negative or out for revenge, you will be sapped of energy, focus and motivation. The energy you are putting into revenge will be a huge opportunity cost you will be paying in lieu of allowing yourself to focus on the future and positivity. Revenge and negatives thinking is not a formula for success.

Angry, self-conscious people repel those around them. There are poor and very wealthy people that lack confidence or are living in fear. Negative thinking will not fix current problems and will often cause the person to slide into depression, self-pity, and hopelessness.

I have spent significant time recently talking to IBOs who want to focus on problems within their organization, compensation plan, or the lack of Nordstrom type of customer service. Guess what, your public scrutiny will not help you group or make you look smart. Instead it will kill your group. Try having a BBQ or sing some karaoke with some tone deaf friends. You will be amazed at how good that greasy hamburger can make you feel better and grow your business.