America continues to be the land of opportunity. In a time when many American companies look to emerging markets for expansion, some foreign companies are aggressively investing in the United States to increase sales. Although the United States has labored through a down economy, it continues to be the largest consuming country in the world and a market many foreign companies crave to enter.

This week we travelled to Dallas, Texas for an introductory meeting with Fortunelle, a new American division of FurChange that has corporate ties to China. With large numbers of field marketers in Europe and Asia, Furchange is already laying a solid foundation throughout the world but is focusing heavily on the United States. Fortunelle has tremendous financial resources and is making some assertive investments. With construction under way, the Dallas headquarters will open soon to spacious presentation areas, training rooms, product demonstration areas and enough corporate offices for the current executive team and for future hires.

Fortunelle currently has secured a product line of natural health products, but due to its considerable resources they have already lined up an impressive line of products for its official launch in October of this year. Fortunelle had vendors from three different product lines at its Dallas introductory meeting. With a unique line of exclusive collagen facial formulas, organic health supplements and natural feminine products, Fortunelle’s line felt anything but common for a new company. It was evident to me that they were well funded by a Chinese company with deep pockets and a strong desire to be a part of American business.

The trip to Dallas reminded me how important America continues to be in the world market. It also reminds me how seriously American companies must take our own borders. As we talk to different American companies, I continue to marvel at how focus turns quickly to costly international expansion. I often feel that companies neglect to focus appropriately on the billions of dollars that are spent each year in their own backyard by Americans that still outspend any other nation in the world.

America is still the world leader. Our country’s strength still comes from our ability to overcome and innovate. America has a strong entrepreneurial heritage and I was excited to see a Chinese company coming here and developing its products on our soil to ensure quality and market acceptance.