Jus AntioxidantJús International is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. I have spent the last week on the road and I am impressed with what is going on in the field. This week I had the privilege of meeting with some incredible business minds that will be joining our team shortly. I am honored as the Jús dream continues to spread throughout the United States, and as of June 4, throughout Japan.

I wanted to take a moment to also answer a couple questions from the field about our product. It is important that we avoid any false claims about what our product does and does not have. Jús is truly changing the lives of so many who are taking it. However, we are no longer flying under the radar as falsities are being alleged about our product and our opportunity in silly blogs and by intimidated competitors throughout the world. Jús Antioxidant is making an impact and, as more and more people join us, I encourage you to continue with a positive approach and not resort to insults about other opportunities as other companies are doing to us more each day. It seems the more we learn, the more we are amazed with how the product continues to positively change live. As such, I encourage everyone to continue to learn about the product.

There has been some confusion about the number of whole fruits and extracts that exist in our product. The confusion exists for different reasons, but mainly because there are so many good things in the product, it is not easy to keep them all straight.

Jús Antioxidant is a complex product which is also makes it so powerful. It would be easy if we could just say the ingredients all came in a dry frozen powder or as purees. However, it is not that simple. Jús Antioxidant has 23 ingredients in different forms combined the way they are for very specific reason. Two fruits even come in two forms. Lycium, also known as the wolfberry or as goji, exists in both a pureed berry and is also added as a juice. Pomegranate also exists as both a puree and juice.

Now, let me try to clarify how our ingredients work together to form such a powerful juice unlike any the market has seen before. Purees are wonderful due to the “living ingredients” they contain and because of their nature, which is very close to how they exist on the vine. They contain the skin, often times pieces of the seeds, and so much of what makes the whole fruit so wonderful. Extracts can be powerful because they lock in many of the nutrients and vitamins that degrade over time when the fruit comes off the vine. Herbs and mushrooms are even different and come to us in different manners so they can be added effectively into the Jús product.

Our lab made it clear that each method of processing has its benefits and detriments. That is why they encouraged such a variety of fruits, herbs and a mushroom along with a variety of methods to locking in nutrients through distinct processing methods.

Jús Antioxidant has nine extracts. Our extracts typically come to our lab through a dry freeze process. Most of the fruit or berry extracts are freeze dried shortly after being picked off the vine in order to preserve as many natural vitamins and nutrients as possible. The extracts are:
1. Grape Skin
2. Grape Seed
3. Wild Blueberry
4. Raspberry Seed
5. Cranberry
6. Tart Cherry
7. Wild Bilberry
8. Strawberry
9. Prune

Jús Antioxidant has one frozen concentrate. Apples are a powerful ingredient because of their nutrients, but are also effective to balance the myriad of tastes that our product contains.
1. Apple Concentrate

Purees have so many benefits and when combined with the vitamins and minerals locked in by a dry freeze process, a puree’s “living” phyto-nutrients are even better. In order to have as many of the possible benefits as we can, our scientists combined all of our ingredients in a manner that takes the best advantage of what Mother Nature has provided us. Jús Antioxidant contains seven whole fruits and berries in puree form:
1. Acai (berry)
2. Lycium (berry)
3. Acerola (berry)
4. Aronia (berry)
5. Noni (fruit)
6. Pomegranate (fruit)
7. Seabuckthorn (berry)

Our Jús also contains three herbs or portions of herbs and a mushroom. These herbs are powerful for our health and are also decaffeinated:
1. Green tea (leaf)
2. White tea (leaf)
3. Ginseng (root)
4. Reishi Mushroom (stem)

To make the formula complete, Jús also has pure fruit juice to ensure a complete synergistic effect for our bodies:
1. Aloe Vera
2. Pomegranate
3. Wolfberry
4. Mangosteen

What Jús Antioxidant consumers and IBOs should know is that the product is not just a combination of fruits, herbs and a mushroom, but is the most well-researched and engineered formulation of natural ingredients that exists on the market today. Simply saying Jús Antioxidant has a certain amount of extracts and purees does not do the product or formulation of the product justice.

Jús International is extremely proud of its product and strives to provide ongoing and complete product education. Look for more to come.

Thanks for all your hard work,