We see a lot of products and opportunities. NetworkingStar.com was established because there are so many opportunities out there and we need the public’s help to sort them all out. We also established the site because we love hearing about entrepreneurs, motivation, inspiration and the ambition it takes to get through the day-to-day difficulties confronting success. Unfortunately, we also see a legion of good products dashed against the rocks of overzealous opportunity. Once in a while, we also see a product line that gives us hope for network marketing. We saw something that gave us hope this weekend at Seacret Direct.“We are not in the business of changing people’ minds. We are in the business of finding people who want to change.

I just left a prelaunch meeting for Seacret Direct and one of the main speakers was direct sales guru Allison LaMarr. I have heard many MLM, network marketers speak and I was still iimpressed with Allison’s speech. I liked her approach of adding traditional sales principles into network marketing.

Allison was a giant in Mary Kay and now she has been made a part of Seacret’s executive team. Seacret has done very well in retail sales in malls throughout the country but is moving toward a network marketing model in a new division. Allison credits much of her record breaking success in Mary Kay to understanding that you must understand conversion ratios and basic sales principles.

I agree that we must teach teams to understand people skills and good old fashioned self improvement to get better results.

I am impressed with Seacret’s new team headed by Rex Powers as CEO and an emphasis on quality products first and opportunity based upon sound value and sales principles.

When network marketing distributes a truly revolutionary product line and distributes it more effectively than traditional channels, I am excited. When product value statements are in balance with opportunity plans, something special can and does transpire. A truly great product can and should thrive in network marketing if the field is taught how to advocate that great product properly and given realistic and effective sales training.

Network marketing must continually reinvent itself or become irrelevant. Today, it is in the same situation the computer industry found itself in 1984; it is in need of some reinvention. In 1984, the novelty of computers had worn off and there was not much relevant application to the non-big business consumer. Word processing was virtually non-existent and outside of the real geeks, nobody knew how to write code well enough to make the computer effective for everyday use. Apple, in particular, was desperately trying to make themselves relevant against computer giant IBM. To do so, in 1984 Apple started a revolution called Macintosh and ran a now-famous Superbowl ad featuring an athletic blond metaphorically blowing up big brother, IBM. It will take truly great products, priced properly, distributed within an education model and sold using real sales principles for MLM to truly reinvent itself. I hope Seacret Direct can help in that process.


Seacret has a great product line and pretty cool story. Founded by Israeli entrepreneurs it literally started from nothing. Co-founder, Robert Meirovich, told us that after he and his partners completed their required military service, they wanted to see the world and make some money. When they came to the United States, they saw an opportunity and have created a retail giant in only a few years. As word back home spread of their growing success, more Israeli nationals flocked to the United States to sell Dead Sea Salt products in Seacret’s kiosks in hundreds of malls. Today, with the stability of hundreds of millions of dollars of inventory in a stable distribution system and a partnership with the largest manufacturer of high end cosmetics and skin care  in the world, Seacret has a world-class product line and stability to go with it.

In an effort to take advantage of network marketing’s goal of education based selling; Seacret Direct believes their product line has found the perfect home in network marketing. Seacret’s founders have hired a very impressive team, led by Rex Powers as CEO, Deborah Bursley from Amway as VP of Marketing and former Mary Kay top earner, Allison LaMarr, to lead the sales training.

Network marketing is not magical, it is predictable. Big money exists in MLM, but successful network marketers understand that focusing on the famous, but false idea of “getting your three and your are set” does not create generational wealth. Network marketing is about understanding and applying correct principles often and consistently if you have any realistic hope of making it big or even making a profit. After sitting down with Deborah Bursley, I was impressed with her vision for an already complete product line. I was equally impressed with Allison LaMarr’s approach she will teach to the already growing Seacret downline. Allison was Mary Kay’s youngest million-dollar earner and after listening to her presentation, I can see that she emphasizes true sales principles that are often neglected in network marketing.

Allison was clear with her belief that others could replicate her success in MLM when they truly understand the principle that, “We are not in the business of changing people’s minds. We are in the business of finding people who want to change.”

When new marketers begin direct sales for the first time, most are shocked to be rejected by loved ones and friends. Allison is right on the money when says that you are looking for people that you don’t have change. There are plenty of people who are ready to change career paths if you persistently look. Combined with Deborah’s vision of truly educating the consumer and Rex Power’s ability to find and empower the right people, Seacret has a formidable team in the works.

Robert and his partners started Seacret with very little, which is truly relatable to millions of would-be entrepreneurs. They have wisely chosen to fill the new division of their company with seasoned MLM professionals that can successfully navigate a new niche for their product line. Combined with a partnership with the largest manufacturer of high end cosmetics and skin care  in the world, Seacret Direct has the makings of something special. I am rooting for them to help reinvent network marketing and bring it to a new age of responsible selling of a great product.