I was born to sell, and apparently so was my six year old son Andrew. Andrew is playing baseball this year and to help pay for expenses the league asked him to sell a huge box of chocolate candy bars for a dollar each.

My teenage son, Parker, was not so enthused about the sales task and immediately said it was stupid and he just wanted us to buy the candy bars because he didn’t want to talk to people he didn’t know. My six your old son, Andrew, had a different answer, “I’m not afraid.”

At church I ran into a bunch of people who told me that Andrew had the magic touch and he was impossible to reject. After a clear sales record was established, Parker would just walk to the door with Andrew who would then do all the talking. Needless to say, Andrew easily won the competition over his older brother.

Like any proud big brother, Parker claimed that it wasn’t fair because Andrew is cute and how do you say no to him. However, Andrew’s success goes far beyond cherubic cheeks, huge blue eyes and sun bleached blonde hair. Andrew was a success because of a strait forward message backed by unwavering belief.

After quizzing some of Andrew’s new customers it became quite clear that this kid knows his stuff. Here is the sales pitch of a six-year-old pro (Imagine an unwavering voice of a small boy backed with confidence):

“I am selling chocolate candy bars for my baseball team, they are only a buck. How many do you want to buy? You can get as many as you want.”

Wow! Andrew is the man. He didn’t ask the neighbors and strangers if they wanted to buy, he asked how many they wanted to buy and confidently asserted that the purchase of just one bar was really not sufficient.

Everybody loves chocolate, but these are clearly not cheap candy bars. Andrew is naturally handsome with his round head like his dad (that is funny by the way), but so is his older brother and he didn’t sell nearly as many.

Next time you are selling an idea or product, remember that what and how you say something is far more important than saying it perfect. If you believe in something put your heart behind the sell and speak with confidence. You may not be only four feet tall with perfect blue eyes, but people can tell when you believe in what you are saying.

I love you Andrew, your sunny soul brings me happiness. Happy selling.

Dedicated to your success,
Jeffery Boyle