The most common reasons people fail in network marketing have nothing to do with the product or compensation plan.  According to F.F. Fournies, most people fail to succeed in any given opportunity because:

  1. They don’t know what to do.
  2. They don’t know how to do it.
  3. They don’t know why they should do it.
  4. They feel there are obstacles beyond their control.

When people join network marketing to make money, they need significant training to make large checks.  To think otherwise is ignoring the obvious.  There are many people who have short term success who are fooled into thinking they have all the answers before their group begins to fall a part.

Profitability in network marketing is achieved by doing simple things 5-6 days a week.  When I say simple, I mean it.  However, simplicity is usually what trips most people up.  Leaders should track these simple activities of their proteges.  With thousands of people in a downline this may seem daunting.  All the more reason to train your people quickly so they are taking much of the load off of you.  If you fail to put the time into proper training of basic business building, you will be overwhelmed and stretched too thin to ever have a big group that sustains.

Here are 4 basic things that a new marketer should be doing 5 or 6 days every week.  They are very simple but “for precept must be upon precept, line upon line, here a little, and there a little” is how great things come to pass:

  1. A minimum of 15 minutes everyday of reading from books, goal planning and daily activities planning.  One hour would be better, but most people struggle with 15 minutes in the beginning.
  2. Upline accountability call.  Every day a call should be made to hold themselves accountable for these 4 daily items.  The call should not be more than 90 seconds most days.
  3. Business development.  This may include showing the plan, making a prospect call, a follow up call or even just having lunch with a friend to reintroduce yourself. People need to learn to talk to each other again, businesses will grow when we make an effort to be with people, not just talk business.
  4. Downline development. Once a day someone in your downline should be called, encouraged, trained and promoted.  If your group is new, don’t overwhelm your new people by calling the same person over and over again.  Use some common sense.

When proteges start to be active each day as an entrepreneur, they will start to program themselves to do what is needed to be profitable.  Be patient with new people as they have years of employee programming to overcome.

Stay with me as I discuss automation tools to simplify this process in upcoming posts.