Want to create a growing, prosperous business? Then focus on creating a great experience for people today, tomorrow and forever.

I know everybody thinks they are providing a great experience, but are they really? Low attrition and better sales are very closely related to how well you understand providing a great experience for the people in contact with your business. A great experience is an emotional experience tied to your brand and products.

In a recent study, 86 percent of U.S. adults will pay more for a better customer experience. So if a super majority of people would pay more for a better experience why do so few people or companies (and especially network marketers) not do it regularly? Because it is hard and it takes a real commitment because you have to stop worrying about your problems and focus on that person buying your product. People frankly don’t care about you or your problems, they care about their own needs.

Network marketing is full of new entrepreneurs and executives that continually focus on their own needs. Rarely do new entrepreneurs ever realize that what they want for themselves is meaningless to their prospects. MLM Executives often worry about what the company needs and not what their distributors need. Businesses focus on what is wrong with their sales rather than worry about what their customers really need and then provide it to them.

You can create a great experience once and have a great result, but few network marketers do it again and again and again. Just because you had one great launch and made one cool marketing piece that catches the attention of other companies and distributors does not mean that you have done something great. Just because somebody talked about you on a blog or you came out with something that gave you some good buzz on the web does not mean that you have it right. To be truly great you must do it frequently and often.

Unless you have a strong idea that pervades the way it looks, the way it operates, what it does, how it’s communicated to people, how it’s branded, and how people identify with the brand, your product is not complete, because these are all things that go into making a great product which becomes a good business. – Do You Matter

Understand that business and network marketing depend on doing something good on a frequent basis. You become great not by being perfect, but being good often.