I have always tried to think positively, it seems to make me happier.  However, positive thinking by itself is pretty useless.  As the good book says, faith without works is dead. 

One of the better speeches on this positive thinking came from Tony Robbins.  Tony said,”It is ineffective to think positive only.  You wouldn’t go into your garden and chant ‘No weeds, no weeds.”  This is, as he called it, stupid.

Here are some Mandates on Leadership:

  1. See problems as they really are, not better and not worse. You are not a leader if you ignore the facts.  Most people will make the facts worse than they are.  There are always problems, that is the nature of the universe, your goal must be to have a better quality of problems.  People make problems worse because most people only give 85% so that they have an excuse for failure.  They secretly don’t have the passion to completely follow through because success requires commitment and they don’t want to commit.  It takes no courage to doubt things, pessimism is not seeing things as they are, it just means you are gutless.  You are sick and broke because you sit on the couch eating Cheetos and watch too much TV.  Whatever you believe in spiritually, you will live.  Fix your problems, do not wish them away and your life will get better.
  2. If I have to prove it to you, you are not the right person. You are looking not to convert people, but you are looking to have people who already have some standard of leadership to see things as they really are.  There are cycles of times.  Winter follows Fall.  Some people freeze in the winter, others go skiing.  Arguing that it should not be winter is silly.  Take advantage of it and make your story positive.  History shows that many people make some of the most money during hard times.
  3. Pessimism in the marketplace is power. When others buy, make sure you sell.  Don’t panic about what you have lost.  See things better than the way others see them.  Make things the way you see them, not the way others see them.  Work on your circumstances until they become in physical nature the way that you see them spiritually.  Kids do not start walking immediately.  Kids fall down, they bump their heads, they look silly trying to walk, but you don’t stop them.  What you focus on is what you get.  Your desires and motives will be what fuels your life.  Your motives will support life.