In this blogcast, Networking Star’s host Jeff Boyle interviewed Alejandro Lopez Tello, chairman and CEO of Sanki Global. As part of the Sanki Global professional training, the company hosts regular personal development trainings. And the distributors are required attend them to advance in the company. A distributor must complete the Bronze level training before advancing to the Silver level training. And while this may not be unique, what makes these trainings one of a kind is that they don’t just focus on sales training. They genuinely focus on leadership, self-improvement and helping them become a better person. Alejandro says the company wants to help its distributors leave a legacy for others and the training helps inspire them to be better individuals and contributors in society.

Alejandro also discussed the Sanki Global’s approach to generating loyalty and connection with others. It starts with Omotenashi, a concept incorporated from Japan that is the highest form of service for another. It is service to others without expecting anything in return. And this is what helps build loyalty and connection within their customers.

Watch the blogcast to learn more.

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