In business and especially as an entrepreneur, you must face your fears and overcome them to be successful! In this episode, Networking Star host Jeffery Boyle interviews Matt Schneider, owner of the Forward Movement Training Center in Meridian, Idaho.

Matt was in a SWAT team, on the U.S. Martial Task Force and served as an undercover police officer prior to opening this training facility. Matt and his team provide advanced tactical training for police, military teams as well as civilians. You never know how you will react in a bank robbery until you’re in the middle of one – that is unless you participate in one of Forward Movement Training Center’s trainings. Those that dare to participate receive some of the most realistic and advanced shooting training available.

This month, Jeffery and several other entrepreneurs participated in a team-building event last weekend at Forward Movement Training Center. He said it was one of the most unique training experiences he’s ever participated in.

Some people even through the course of the weekend’s training were apprehensive about what they were getting into. Matt said that several told him, “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this. This is really pushing me outside the comfort zone.” Matt then said that the reality is that there are always obstacles in life that we find ourselves up against and we have to step outside our comfort zone to overcome them. If we don’t, we get stuck and fail to achieve our maximum potential. Everyone understood that. And they pushed through it.

After the event, everyone was glad they participated and said they did things they thought they’d never be able to do and now they are able to apply it to their own lives. They can take the same approach and tackle their fears (in the business world) that have been blocking them from succeeding.

What they have found, is that the act of overcoming your fears leads to increased confidence as you approach other fears.

Check out the blogcast to learn more about this amazing 25,000 square foot training facility and how you can overcome your fears and then apply it to your business life!

You can learn more about the Forward Movement Training Center at

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