“If they like you, and they believe you, and they have confidence in you… then they MAY buy from you.” Jeffrey Gitomer

Gitomer has some of the greatest comments in the whole world of selling.  This may be one of his best.  The reason why this quote makes so much sense for network marketing is that this is truly a relationship business.  If you want to build a huge business, you need to learn to help people like you.  However, they MAY still not join your business, but it gives you a huge advantage when you first concentrate on them.

One of the best things that Amway has done for years is teach its people how to “dream build” with their prospects.  It was a wonderful concept of helping the prospect think about why they work hard and are possibly looking for another way to add to their income.  It really is helping people discover they “Why.”  In addition to helping the prospect get a reason to do something else, it also helped the Amway IBO focus the presentation on the prospect, not themselves.  People want to talk about themselves, and we at Jus International should get better at listening to them.