I have a fancy law degree. My team creates cool graphics and videos. But, first and foremost, I’m a sales guy.

In 1946 Red Motley said, “Nothing happens until a sale is made.” He is right, but you better learn how to sell and connect with people or that sale will never be made.

I grew up with an entrepreneur salesman as my father. His profession…an attorney. Law is not a profession most people would say has anything to do with sales. However, my pops told me the reason that he did very well as an attorney is that he knew how to sell himself to clients, sell his argument to a jury and sell his service expertise effectively to colleagues. What my dad was trying to teach me was how to connect with people so they will embrace your product or idea.

Selling is far more than telling. Selling is connecting with people’s feelings and wanting to do the right thing for them. Selling is a relationship that is more important that just making a sale. People buy with their emotions and then later rationalize their purchase with logic. This requires understanding and actually listening before you start spouting off with facts and figures.

Right now my company is working on a weight loss campaign for a really cool homeopathic supplement. The stuff is crazy effective. People are safely loosing up to two pounds a day. It is amazing.

We will give the science behind the product, but that is not where the sale will be made. The science is really cool, but the thing customers really want to know is, “Does it work?” and, “Will it work for me?” Once those questions have been answered and they purchased the product, they might read the science behind their purchase…maybe.

Recently a paraplegic woman sent in a before and after photo after she used the product. She lost 40 ¼ inches in 4 months. In her after picture, her face is glowing and she looks beautiful. She looks more confident, happy and even a bit determined. The emotion in her face is better than anything I could write. I could feel her happiness.

Lesson learned. Sell, but sell with emotion. We are human beings and we like to think we use our mind first, but we don’t. There is nothing wrong with feeling. There is nothing wrong with emotion. Just learn to create the right emotions and you will learn to sell effectively.