never-give-upQ: What is the secret to success in Network Marketing?

A: Don’t ever give up.

Is that really the secret?  It can’t be that easy you may say.  I tell you it is.  But never giving up is very hard for most people.  Don’t be one of them.

I love this cartoon.  I always have.  I have counseled some people to look at their first six months in network marketing as a learning period.  Whatever money you make is a bonus.  Sometimes it is a big bonus.  However, you must first learn before you can earn the big bucks.

Let me tell you the main reasons people fail in network marketing:

  1. They are not talking to enough prospects.
  2. They are not talking to the right type of prospect.
  3. They are not following a proven success system.  (The right system tells them what to say and how to say it.)

Many people come into network marketing with these skills and a network developed.  Others do not.  However, all the skills that you will need to succeed can be developed if you are passionate about acquiring them.  Just don’t give up before you get there.