In this edition of Star Interviews, I travelled to Alpine, Utah to spend some time with the founders of Rain Nutrition, Chad Christofferson and Toby Norton.  I have watched their growth since they started the company and I am impressed how they are differentiating their product and brand within a crowded market place.


Rain has seen impressive growth recently here in the United States, Asia and Europe. They have begun to attract an impressive team of leaders both domestically and abroad.  After spending time with Chad and Toby, I can understand why people are attracted to their company.  They are both understated but passionate about their business.  As founders they have very different personalities that seem to work together very well. Both Toby and Chad were very successful before starting Rain Nutrition, but both have taken a very active role in the company’s day to day business.

Their brand has recently won awards in packaging and they seem determined to maintain a sleek look throughout their product offering. I enjoyed my time with Chad and Toby and appreciated being with them.