I just returned from the HealthNation prelaunch event in Scottsdale, Arizona. HealthNation is a brand new direct sales company that features an innovative new product, telemedicine. HealthNation offers 24 hour availability to doctors and naturopath medicine via telephone, email and internet throughout the United States. With President Obama recently telling American citizens that in the future a doctor will be able to speak to a patient via high speed internet, HealthNation appears to be ahead of the curve and on track to address some of the difficulties many Americans feel from increased worries in the health care system.


I have enjoyed visiting many new and existing businesses, this was no exception.  HealthNation showed me that even in a bad economy, entrepreneurs can find a way to interest the public in their product or service.  It was great to see a new company be so well prepared for an event and have so many people show interest in their new company.  HealthNation had approximately 300 paid attendees from 23 different states.  It was well run and well attended.  I feel comfortable saying this company will have an impact on their customers and new members.

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