Question: How do I become successful in network marketing and achieve my dreams?

Answer: Learn to stretch yourself and create achievable goals.

Personal Success Assessment Form

To achieve more, you must be more. In order for you to truly understand where you are today, you must honestly assess where you are right now. A good way to understand where you are is by asking yourself some questions:

1. Do you spend time everyday talking to new prospects and following up with existing IBOs in your group?
2. Are you spending time each day learning more about people and the sales process?
3. Do you have a mentor that you can communicate with on a regular basis?
4. Do you have written goals with the date you want to achieve them?

Unless you responded yes to each question, you are likely selling yourself short in your business, and frankly in life. Don’t feel too bad, you are in the majority. Less than 30 percent of adults ever put their goals into writing. However, if you want to succeed at a high level you will need to learn to put your dreams into writing and set a date to achieve those dreams.

Whether or not you have practiced putting your goals into writing, a personal assessment of what you want to achieve in your network marketing business will be essential to your success. Even if you have been successful in other traditional businesses, the following assessment should be filled out and shared with an upline mentor. Together, you can build your future better by understanding what you want to achieve and what you are willing to do to achieve it.

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