Question: Can I really succeed in network marketing?
Answer: Maybe.  Depends on: your willingness to learn, overcome disappointment, passionately follow your dreams and your empathy for others.

In traditional business only 29% of new businesses are still in existence at the end of year 10.  The largest percentage of failure comes in the first 5 years, when half of startups go belly up.   Many critics of network marketing claim that the failure rate is much higher than that for anyone choosing to get involved in the industry.

Although I will not argue that getting involved into any type of business does not have its risks, network marketing has many advantages over traditional businesses regardless of what critics claim to be its success rates.  The main advantage of network marketing is the low startup costs involved with a potential huge rate of return.  Additionally, if the critics really looked at the individuals who treated their networking business as a full-time career and not a hobby, they would see a large number of six figure earners.  Numbers that are much higher than corporate America employees or small business entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this Success Answer is not to debate the merits of network marketing versus traditional businesses, but to give you a couple ideas that will help you keep in mind as you start you network-marketing career:

•    Realistic Expectations and a never die attitude.  When I first joined network marketing when I was 22 I expected to make $5,000 a month in a year.  After 9 months of doing about 10 presentations a month, I had made a total of $18.  $2 a month is not very good.  I changed who I was talking to, I got better at presenting, and I did not quit.  Never give up, never surrender.
•    Get better, don’t quit – Learn how to sell.  Yes, I said it, learn to sale.  My 2 year old rocks at selling.  He asks until he gets it.  I don’t suggest laying on the floor in a tantrum if people don’t get in with you, but believe in your product and realize that the best lawyers are good at selling their product.  The best actors know how to sell their services.  The best network marketers know how to sell.  You should too.
•    Work full or part time, not sometimes.  A career pays, a hobby costs.  Decide you will stop thinking about your business and just build it.  Build it consistently, build it daily, build it with passion.