Question: I am working my tail off to get people in my group. I am wearing down, will it ever get better?

Answer: It can get better once you learn how to develop leaders.

John C. Maxwell once said, “A leader is one who knows the way … goes the way … and shows the way.”

Gary Eby summed up much of Maxwell’s thoughts when he wrote that powerful leaders promote leaders, they don’t just maintain followers. Powerful leaders not only mentally assent to knowing the way they actually go the right way. And true leaders then show the way to others. They duplicate themselves. Let’s make sure you understand this. I’ll say it again differently. ‘The “mediocre” teacher tells. The “good” teacher explains. The “superior” teacher demonstrates. The “great” teacher inspires.”

I love the idea that the great leader inspires people.  You can never prepare your people for every situation that they will ever encounter.  People must be inspired to great things, because a factually perfect presentation without inspiration is worthless.  You will not get people to follow you or to do great things if they lack inspiration.

Randy Gage has done a great job of describing what happens when people lack inspiration and a culture of duplication in their group:

…many people become “MLM Grinders.” These are the people who have to constantly replace their distributors because they drop out. They have to make all the presentations themselves, handle all the meetings, and pretty much do everything. If they slow down for one minute, things start to unravel in their group. They’re always grinding, but the recognition, big bonus checks, and free cars and trips always seem just a little out of reach.

Remember the parable about the emperor with no clothes?

Grinders are in a similar situation. They sell lifestyle and talk about residual income, but the sad truth is they don’t really have either. They work night and day because they’re afraid to let up. If they were to stop grinding for even a month or two, their income would shrivel up and die.

Duplication is key, but you will have to give up some of your control and teach people to do the right thing for their groups.  So what is the right thing?  You must learn to inspire people to learn more about themselves and the true principles of duplication.

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