Why do many people fail in network marketing while others create unbelievable wealth?

Success Answer 1 – Successful network marketers dedicate themselves to a pattern of success and then teach others to follow.

Building a successful networking business starts with having a solid foundation. I believe that a solid foundation is built upon obtaining the right information and then becoming dedicated to learning and improvement.

I will be laying out a series of Success Answers that have been carefully created to help you maximize your chance for success. If you are empowered with the right information from the start you can create a solid foundation built on the right attitude and by creating proper expectations for your business. Two of the main causes of failure in network marketing are unrealistic expectations and lack of marketing skills. Nobody that is new to network marketing starts their business with all the knowledge and skills they need to build their business. Do not let this lack stop you from starting right away.

We learn to do by doing. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated it perfectly when he said, “Do the thing, and you will get the energy to do the thing.” You will never reach a destination on your journey if you wait for every light to turn green before you leave your garage. The same is true for your Jus International business. Get started today but do it with a dedication to learning as you go.

When you prepare to present the opportunity to others by studying the compensation plan and marketing techniques you will acquire important knowledge, for where we carry the lantern to light the path of others we light or own way. As we analyze and arrange the compensation/marketing plan to present to others, we have clarified our own minds. As we explain that which we are learning ourselves there seems to come to us an unfolding of additional information, and enlargement of our understandings, new connections and applications.

Commit to learning something new each day. Take notes on what you have learned and commit to helping others get what they need from this amazing network marketing industry.

Network Marketing Success Answers

“As the physically weak man can make himself strong by careful and patient training, so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking.” – James Allen

This is the starting point of the most comprehensive business growth-training program in network marketing today, period!

Part of achieving success in network marketing or in anything of worth, proper thinking and understanding of the universal laws of success is vital.
A comprehensive understanding of the compensation plan and products will be important to your success, but become of less importance if you do not have an understanding yourself, how to communicate well with other people and your desire to become a student of success. Knowledge not applied is of little use. The Success Answers main goal is to improve the life of our employees and our independent business owners (IBOs). The Answers also strive to help you:
• Overcome the anxiety associated with prospecting
• Teach you proper self-motivation skills
• Encourage learning innovative skills and techniques
• End Self-Sabotage
• Help IBOs use new marketing technology
• Help IBOs create and spend budgets wisely
• Create new leads and learn to control their flow
• Dramatically improve sales of products and enrollment of new IBOs
• Improve Productivity
• Maximize Positive Thinking
• Stimulate Financial and Emotional Prosperity
• Promote Self-Motivation

An Accurate Self-Assessment
Today is just the start of an exciting journey on which you are about to embark. I hope the things that you learn in Success Answers will help you to not only be more successful in your network marketing business, but also in all other areas of your life. To be truly successful, a person must be balanced in all areas of life; mind, body and soul. Although the Success Answers can point you in the right direction, life balance is up to you. The Success Answers is not just about building your networking business; it is about you and your continued personal growth.

Any well-planned journey must have:
• A clear understanding of where the journey begins;
• Check points en route to help you stay on course;
• A clear understanding of your destination;
• A commitment to successfully complete the journey, regardless of the detours that you might encounter en route.

You will agree that it is very foolish for a person to erroneously say they are presently in Boise, Idaho and their destination is New York, New York, if they were actually in Portland, Oregon with New York, New York as their final destination. As silly as this example may seem, a very similar error is made millions of time each day by people incorrectly assessing where they really are in their approach to life. Although some people are simply unaware of where they are in life, most people are not honest in their personal assessment of themselves.

As you begin you journey with your network marketing business, an honest self-assessment will reveal:
• The starting point of your journey;
• Adjustments in your thinking that must be made;
• Approximate how long it will take to finish your journey.

The Success Answers are general in nature, but you must be prepared to internalize this program and make it your own. Although each us must overcome something different to achieve success, many obstacles are universal in nature and you can customize this program internally to achieve the levels of success you feel you can achieve. Only you can truly overcome your past obstacles to success. You are the master of your destiny and only you can alter your habits. Commit to yourself and commit to success.

The best way to internalize this program and make it your own is to constantly be asking how the messages pertain to you. Constantly ask what this means to you and how you can apply it to your life. Think frequently about these new ideas. Challenge yourself to apply them in the manner best suited to achieve your new goals.
• Research indicates that your level of retention and understanding of materials is multiplied when you HEAR AND SEE it.
• Take ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes every day to listen to inspirational audios. Go to my site, jefferyboyle.com and look at my Recommended Reading which also includes some great audios.
• Listen to inspirational audios in your car at all times. Listen as you drive. This will quickly become a habit. Then you will have turned your automobile into a learning center. If you drive 25,000 miles a year, you are in your car for approximately thirteen, forty-hour weeks each year.
• Have a note pad and pen handy at all times. The Success Answers program will become a mental stimulant. Ideas and solutions to present problems will fly into your mind; these ideas should be recorded, otherwise they may be lost forever.
• Do not attempt to force others into your business or improve themselves. Force negates. Others will see a change in your life and will want to be a part of that positive change.
• You cannot listen to positive audios or books often enough. Listen to the same message numerous times. Repetition will help keep you sharp and remind you to practice things you may have missed in the beginning. Keep listening and reading this material until you become aware that the ideas are a habitual part of your behavior.
• When you are studying self-improvement, do not permit others to disturb you with meaningless conversation that will distract your prosperous thought patterns.

How to best use the Answers

As the new CEO to your network marketing business, this is your sales training program, your CEO training program (really teaches you how to be an outstanding CEO of your own network marketing business), your management training program (shows how to run your company for maximum efficiency and performance), it’s your turnkey enrolling training program (every person you enroll should go through this program), and it’s the program that will teach you how to be a better marketer than anyone, period.

How to use this program: This is not an EVENT training program, where you go through the program once and forget 98% of it by the time you reach the end of it. The Answers are designed to be used continuously as a SKILLS-BUILDING program. To achieve success in training programs IBOs will be best off by asking themselves, “How do you acquire skill?” Can you acquire skill from a single tennis lesson? No. You take the lesson and then you practice it and work with what you learn and then you take the lesson again.

That is the design of this fantastic program. For example, let’s say you want to sharpen your selling process and you go through the skill-building module on selling and creating a detailed and perfected process FOR selling. You go through it, you do all the exercises, everyone takes good notes and everyone has a good experience and learns a lot. Does that mean that you are all now a master of the sales process? No, that means that more often now, many aspects of what was covered will be thought about and even occasionally acted upon.

To get to MASTER level skills, we recommend that every 90 days you come back and go through the same exercises once again with your top leaders. You will be surprised at how much more you get out of a training experience the SECOND and THIRD times. If you truly want to create a master-level sales team/effort, you must revisit that module every three months at a minimum. The same is true for time management, or presenting, or marketing, or advertising, etc… each area of SKILL must be worked at.

The Answers are designed to be used two ways: Linear and modular. If you went through the program in a linear fashion, starting with the first module and ending with the last module, it would take you through the perfect path to growing your company (more on this below). However, it is also modular and can be accessed that way as well. Meaning, if you are working on enrolling right now, you can go directly to that module and it will give you what you need in a more surgical fashion. Or if you need to improve your selling, you can go right to that module and it will help you detail and profoundly improve your selling process and systems.

This program is set up like your company SHOULD be set up. Meaning, the order of the modules flow in a way that guides you on how to set up a solid and profitable company.

The BEST WAY to go through the training program: The best way to go through the training program is to pretend that you just paid $8000 to attend a four-day live event to really get serious about your business.

Here’s what will happen: You will be utterly overwhelmed with insights, ideas, concepts and ways to improve every single aspect of your business. But you now know what you have. You will now know the enormous resource that is now at your disposal. You will also be able to properly prioritize based upon your individual needs.

The SECOND BEST WAY to go through the program is in a linear fashion, in the order in which the modules are labeled (starting with module one and going through to the end), attempting to get through it as fast as possible. Again, we want you to know what you have, even if you can’t get to improving everything all at once. You’ll see the vast possibilities.

The NEXT BEST WAY to go through the program, if you’re already overwhelmed, is to take it in bite-sized pieces as you go, learning and prioritizing according to your needs right now (as mentioned above).  The online version will only be available in bite size chunks.

The ULTIMATE LESSON about the program is that it is a skill-building program for life. This program was created to help you quickly start a profitable business (or double the sales of your business if you are already an established IBO) and similar training has helped other traditional and network marketers double in size for 20 years using these strategies and tactics and I am dedicated to helping you improve your skills in every area covered. I hope you will commit to the same. If you do, you will be a master sales, management and marketing genius compared to most traditional companies and especially other network marketers. Most network marketers really don’t market, manage and sell very well. You’ll agree completely as you learn what Success Answers has to offer.